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Artist Statement

In today’s world, we are chasing after the time,

We are always in a hurry, can’t seem to get a timeout,

To stop for a moment, to look, to see what happens around us.

It is a world where reality becomes transparent, visible yet invisible,

A world in which we move past people, sights and sceneries without really seeing them.


In this world, I stop for a moment, observe, and bring the things I see,

The things that are just in front of us, in our everyday lives,

The things that wait for us to touch them, even for a brief moment.




Born in Israel, 1957, and lives in Givatayim.

Autodidactic photographer, a landscape engineer in his profession.

Participated in solo exhibitions in Israel and group exhibitions in Israel,  Italy  England,  Spain and Germany.


Doron’s work is featured in the books:

“International Masters of Photography 1” 
(WWAB publishers, USA)

"Photographer'sFORUM – BEST OF PHOTOGRAPHY 2014"  (Published by "Photographer'sFORUM Magazine", USA) 



2014 - 
"Annual  Spring Photography Contest"  by 
Photographer'sFORUM Magazine, USA - Finalist 
2012 - “International Award for Digital and  Photographic Art”, Chianciano Art Museum,  Italy - 3rd  prize

2012 -  “International Loupe Awards” – bronze prize

2012 -  “International Photography Awards (IPA)”- Honorable Mention
2011 -  “International Loupe Awards” – 2 bronze prizes




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